Vote Don Willie | A Vision for Millcreek City
Vote Don Willie for Millcreek City Council - District 3. Together we can create a Millcreek City Council that works for all of us.
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A Vision for Millcreek City

Working Towards Prosperity, Safety and Opportunity for Millcreek City

We have the unique challenge of bridging our past and our future as we transition to Millcreek City. Together, let’s create a government that ensures prosperity, safety and opportunity for all of us, and not just the few.


We need forward-thinking leaders that are Active, Accessible and Accountable to all residents. Don Willie is that innovative leader for Millcreek City Council – District 3. Join us and vote to bring leadership to the new city council.

My Vision for Millcreek City

An Active, Accessible and Accountable Government

As we work together to establish our city government, it is critical that Millcreek City is active and engaged. An active government is one that is constantly looking for ways to improve and better serve (not impose on) residents. Our government should be forward thinking and strategically plan for our long-term success.


You have a right to an accessible government and Millcreek City should not only be accessible, but inviting. We will accomplish this through community meetings, town halls, and engaging Millcreek residents through e-government platforms and services.  


I will work to ensure our city is accountable to its residents. I believe strongly in the tools of transparency, engagement and communication with our residents and neighboring governments.  I will also ensure that city revenue is accounted for and effectively invested back into our community.


I am fiscally responsible and support a balanced budget approach to city finances. We should prudently invest in projects and programs that provide a good return on  investment. I support the implementation of a rainy day fund as one of several mechanisms to help the city prepare for potential economic downturns.



Economic Development

I understand the importance of balancing community development with economic development. Our community should be a safe place to live, work, raise a family and enjoy recreation. Economic development is critical to bolstering our community. I commit to developing a strategic, long-term, economic development plan that will put our city on the path to economic success.


With a strong focus on business expansion and retention, our community can grow its economy significantly, often times providing increased revenue and new jobs. Having worked closely with most of the economic development associations across the state, I know the right people to bring to the table at the local to develop the best plan possible.


To enhance our local economy, I will work to identify and promote existing business resources and develop new mechanisms to support businesses. The key to economic development is a strong partnership between the city and business community. I will work closely with businesses to identify ways in which the city can support their growth according to free market principles. I believe our community will thrive as business owners, community members and government leaders collaborate closely on economic and community development.

Community Development

I believe that our Millcreek community has some of the highest “quality of life” characteristics in the state. We should enhance those qualities as we transition to a city, ensuring we don’t forget the history that has shaped this great community. As we solidify our identity as Millcreek City, we can and should extend our resources to upgrade and maintain our community.


Sidewalks are important to the safety of our residents. Raised sidewalks that are ADA accessible not only create a designated pathway for pedestrians, but also provides a buffer against passing traffic. In addition to resolving safety concerns, it will help in community beautification; resolving issues with loose dirt and gravel on the side of many current roadways in the city.


Street lighting is a significant concern that not only impacts community safety, but also the ability for visitors to navigate our community with ease. For early morning joggers or bikers, or late evening walkers, better street lighting will create a more navigable and safe community. 


We must place a greater focus on road maintenance in our city.  As we become a city, we will be responsible to ensure our roadways are well maintained. I will work with the appropriate individuals and agencies to make this a reality.  


To support and enhance our vibrant and active community, we must ensure community activities  remain as social pillars of our city. The Venture Out Festival Series is the envy of many of our surrounding communities, and for a good reason! This event, along with other community events build up and enhance our neighborhoods and quality of life.


I understand the importance of community councils and will ensure that these councils remain intact and have the legitimacy they need to represent the unique neighborhoods in which they reside.  

Outdoor Recreation

Millcreek has no shortage of recreational opportunities. Our community should promote outdoor recreation and strengthen its presence as a recreation destination in Utah. With the beautiful Millcreek Canyon and towering Mount Olympus, we are a prime destination to welcome Utahns and visitors from around the world to our backyard.


We should also make it easier to recreate in our neighborhoods. I am committed to maintaining and growing our local parks. There is also a need to expand bike lanes on our roadways (where space allows) to encourage efficient cycling infrastructure, ensuring greater safety for all Millcreek residents.

What’s Your Vision for Millcreek City?

I’d appreciate hearing your vision for Millcreek City! Please take this survey and share your thoughts on issues facing our community .

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