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Vote Don Willie for Millcreek City Council - District 3. Together we can create a Millcreek City Council that works for all of us.
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08 Apr East Mill Creek Community Council – Billboards in Millcreek


Several weeks ago, while leaving for work, I snapped this photo outside our house. To me, this is Millcreek! I love being nestled by the mountains, seeing the beautiful scenery around us throughout the year. We are minutes away from world-class hiking, mountain biking, skiing and so much more. This view means a lot to me – its part of the reason we moved to Millcreek.

This evening, I had the opportunity to attend the East Mill Creek Community Council meeting and hear concerns of residents. First and foremost, residents expressed concerns about something that could rob our community of the beautiful vistas we enjoy: large billboards in our communities. This is not a new issue for us, but a new billboard in our community is drawing heavy criticism and I was pleased to see residents voicing their concerns at this meeting. This is exactly why community councils exist. As you may know, a new “freeway sized” billboard along 3300 south will be taking the place of two previously smaller billboards in our community. This is very unfortunate and disappointing to see.

While community development and economic development are sometimes at odds with each other, this decision showcases the importance of working together as a community. I am a collaborator and I believe that our city must work to balance the interests of private business and preservation of our quality of life. I believe in limited government, but there is a role for government to be active in this realm. Becoming a city affords us the opportunity to decide what is right for our community. While I believe that billboards are good and are an important tool for commerce, large boards DO NOT belong in the center of our community.

We are nestled between I-15, I-80 and I-215, which makes us a prime location for advertising. I believe that our city needs to work closely with billboard companies to identify mutually beneficial locations for these signs, moving them closer to the freeway, away from homes and out of our community center. Having worked in community and economic development across the state, I understand the balance we need to strike on this issue, but most importantly, I want to ensure that we preserve the great things that make our community what it is!

What are your thoughts on billboards in our community? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section below, by Emailing me at or by phone at 801-859-5094.


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