Vote Don Willie | East Millcreek Community Council Meeting – Sidewalks and More
Vote Don Willie for Millcreek City Council - District 3. Together we can create a Millcreek City Council that works for all of us.
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07 May East Millcreek Community Council Meeting – Sidewalks and More

One of the great treasures of Millcreek Township is our community council network. If you attend a meeting of any one of our four community councils, you’ll see a dedicated group of volunteers who are concerned about their community and are working hard to make it a better place.


I had the opportunity to attend the May 5 meeting of the East Mill Creek Community Council and first want to extend my appreciation to this council for their outstanding work. They have been tackling several difficult topics lately and have done a great job educating residents!

One of the topics discussed in the meeting was sidewalks and for me, sidewalks, roads and street lighting were the primary drivers for me to enter the race for City Council. With a young family, I was disappointed by the poor condition of roads, the serious lack of sidewalks throughout the community (especially on main roads) and limited street lighting. I love this community and want a safe place to walk with my family that has adequate lighting. We were hard pressed to find that and I will work diligently to improve our city infrastructure on the city council – we have to make this a priority.

A presentation was made by students from the University of Utah, analyzing the need for sidewalks along 3300 South. This study also prioritized certain segments over others based on several community factors. I was impressed by the analysis and want to ensure we begin work as soon as we can (resource permitting) to improve our infrastructure. It is disappointing to see some of our elderly residents in their wheelchairs, riding on the street because sidewalks are nonexistent.


We can and must do more to make this a safe and walkable city – that is my commitment to you. I have worked closely with the Utah Department of Transportation and can easily collaborate with them on this project. There are many groups looking to help our city succeed and UDOT is one of those partners.

Additionally, Salt Lake County, in coloration with the Millcreek Township Council, also developed a sidewalk master plan that you can view here. This is great information that residents should be aware of!

Most importantly, I’d like to hear from you – what are your expectations for sidewalks in our city? What other infrastructure issues concern you? Please send me an email at or You can also call me at 801-859-5094. I look forward to hearing from you.



Don Willie



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