Vote Don Willie | Meet the Candidates Night a BIG Success
Vote Don Willie for Millcreek City Council - District 3. Together we can create a Millcreek City Council that works for all of us.
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30 May Meet the Candidates Night a BIG Success


On Thursday, May 26th, the Township Council hosted its third and final “meet the candidates” event – for candidates running for City Council, Districts 3 & 4. It was great to hear from many of the candidates vying for these positions and understand what they hope to accomplish on the city council. Each candidate was given 3 minutes to address the audience and I took that time to share about my background and vision for our city. More importantly through, I took the time to emphasize the word “WE” because building a city is something WE do together.

Right now, we need experienced leaders who are innovative and engaged

WE need to build a city government that is ACTIVE, ACCESSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE. Those are core principles to my being and I will ensure our government exhibits those principles as well.

WE need a leader who understands public policy. Who can carefully analyze and weigh implications and make the right decisions for the right reasons. I have advised our state’s executive branch on policy that is critical to all of us. I know how to craft public policy and I will work with stakeholders across the community to move our city forward.  

WE need a leader who has solid experience with large public budgets – not just a family or business budget. We have many important financial decisions to make in the next few years and we need someone who knows how to be a good steward of public funds.

I have managed multi-million dollar budgets and programs in the public sector. I will thoughtfully approach decisions about our city services with you in mind – keeping costs down and working to ensure no new taxes in this city!

WE need a leader who listens and collaborates! In my profession, I spend my time traveling around the state, working with cities and towns to help them strengthen their communities and elevate their economies. I have worked with mayors, city councils, businesses, universities, and others to make this happen. I am a collaborator and will bring people together for this city.

WE need a leader who knows how to balance community preservation and economic development. So let’s maintain our charm, our culture and our way of life, while ensuring the city is financially secured long-term.

WE need to get this right – THE FIRST TIME. For our children and our grandchildren. With a 3 year old and an 18 month old- I personally know how important this is.

So let’s build upon the great events we have that bring our community together  – Like our coveted Ventrue Our Series.

Let’s make our community safer and more walkable for all residents by building sidewalks and installing lighting where needed.

Let’s build our economy and focus on growing local business first.

Let’s continue to enhance our quality of life by making room for recreation opportunities.

Let’s build Millcreek together!

WE have differences – issues that have divided some in the community. But let’s work now. Together. To build this city that will be Active, Accessible and Accountable to you!

I ask for your support as WE build Millcreek together. VOTE Don Willie for Millcreek City Council District 3.



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