Vote Don Willie | Who’s Supporting Don for Millcreek City Council?
Vote Don Willie for Millcreek City Council - District 3. Together we can create a Millcreek City Council that works for all of us.
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Who’s Supporting Don for Millcreek City Council?

I have had the pleasure of working with Don and witnessed his thoughtful approach to doing business as well as his incredible work ethic. I have lived in Millcreek for over 20 years and I am deeply concerned about how a new city government is created for my generation and future generations. I know Don is an effective collaborator, he knows how to build a community, and has a great working knowledge of public policy. As a resident of District 3, I encourage you to join me in voting for Don Willie for Millcreek City Council.
-Pearl Wright, Canyon Rim Resident
Don WIllie will be a superb member on the Millcreek City Council. I have known Don for many years, and am honored to provide my strongest personal endorsement for him and the service he has tireless provided to our communities and state. Don combines talented leadership, thoughtful empathy, an incredible work ethic, and a deep love for Millcreek. It will be a privilege to have his outstanding commitment on the City Council.
-Lew Cramer, CEO of CBC Advisors
Don would be an asset to the Millcreek City Council. His thoughtful approach to problem solving, coupled with his work ethic, make him an excellent candidate for the job. The experience he brings to the table would certainly compliment the work involved in establishing a new city. Don will get it done for district 3.
-Representative Sophia M. DiCaro, Legislative House District 31
I have know Don for over 10 years and have constantly been impressed with his ability to effectively work with others and understand varying points of view. He puts policy before politics, doing what's best for the community. He's a talented individual and 'a mover and a shaker' - just what Millcreek City needs at this critical time.
-Representative Angela Romero, House District 26
Don is an extremely capable and dedicated individual. He has the knowledge and experience needed to get the new Millcreek City government on the right track from day one. He is trustworthy, dependable and a hard worker. Don has the community's best interests at heart and will be a strong advocate for district 3 residents.
-Derek B. Miller, President and CEO, World Trade Center Utah
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Don in a variety of capacities over the past several years. In that time, I have found Don to be conscientious, attentive, and very knowledgeable. Don brings a superior work ethic to every endeavor he approaches. His personal attributes of being friendly, approachable, and honest, compliment his strong professional qualifications. I am proud to call him a friend and I enthusiastically endorse Don as the best person to represent District 3 residents on the Millcreek City Council.
-Representative Robert Spendlove, Legislative House District 49
At this critical time in Millcreek's history, the community needs leaders who know public policy, who know how to strengthen a community, and who know how to work with others effectively. Don can deliver on these critical skills and many more. He is the ideal candidate for Millcreek City Council and will be an outstanding asset to the community during and after this transition. I encourage the residents of District 3 to vote for Don Willie.
-Val Hale, Executive Director, Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development
I have known Don Willie both personally and professionally for many years. He is a trusted friend and family man who truly puts the needs of his community first. Don exemplifies service, honesty and fairness. He will help to ensure that our new city government is created with thoughtfulness and transparency, not only for today, but for many future generations of Millcreek residents. As a resident of District 3, I encourage you to vote with me for Don Willie for Millcreek City Council.
-Shannon Simonsen, East Millcreek Resident
Don is dedicated, community-minded, hard-working and honest. He has what it takes to be a great member of the Millcreek City Council!
-Dave Buhler, former Utah State Senator representing Millcreek & former member of Salt Lake City Council
I cannot think of a better candidate for Millcreek City Council than Don Willie. Don has an unwavering sense of community, he truly wants to leave things better than he found them. I'm always impressed with the way Don can bring consensus to a diverse group of people, listening to all sides and coming up with fair and logical solutions. The thing I love most about Don is his compassion and love of service. Don doesn't just ``do service`` he lives a life of humanitarianism. I believe Don is what Millcreek City needs to move forward in a productive and positive way.
-Terry Palmer, Community Advocate
Don is the perfect candidate to help build Millcreek City: driven, passionate, intelligent, and competent. There are few people I've met, either personally or professionally, who have impressed me more than Don. From his successes in his career to his commitment to his family and community, he gives everything he has to the task at hand and excels. Millcreek would be lucky to have him as a councilman.
-Trent Lowe, Community Advisor